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A lesser known cut from the early 80s Minneapolis Funk scene, I C U definitely has echoes of Prince and André Cymone.
Carmelle's back catalog of jams are heavy with nostalgia and melancholy, sort of like the Frank Ocean of the early 80's boogie funk / pre-electro scene. The songs are also heavy on grooves, deep bass lines and poppy synths that cut right to the heart of what Minneapolis was at that time, equal parts pop and funk. While Prince became renowned worldwide, Carmelle's music gained a large following in somewhat smaller markets like Portugal, Cuba and Catalonia. He eventually phased out the US all together touring strictly in those 3 countries. In the late 80's he finally moved to Lisbon permanently and hasn't returned to the states since. Halcyon Tone Records was happy to discover this single in their vaults and to finally release it to the public.


I see you
and I hear you

bidin' my time
with you on my mind

look at me out, out on the town
here I was thinkin' you'd be always around

bidin' my time
with you on my mind

scannin' the crowd
you're not around

I still got your clothes, your favorite underwear
my shower drain, still clogged up with your hair

I hear the DJ, play our favorite jam
but I can't dance without you here baby

bidin' my time
with you on my mind

staring at the door
from the dance floor

like a lost child, in a grocery store
like an alley cat always searchin' for prey

I'll take the last bus, I'll take the subway train
out on the street until I see your face again

gotta get you out
get ya out of my mind


from Halcyon Tone vol. 1: Reflection, released March 15, 2014
Produced by Joshua S. Lundquist, lyrics written by Christopher W. Nelson, performed by Joshuas S. Lundquist & Christopher W. Nelson.



all rights reserved


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Halcyon Tone is a record label and music house based in Tokyo.

Electronic music with warmth. Beat- driven music that is playful, un-categorized fun.

Nostalgic for the roots of modern funk and dance music, while keeping the conventions of any one genre at arm's length.

What matters most to us is quality, soul and authenticity.
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