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Luxotic - "Sweet Sandra"

from by Halcyon Tone



A cinematic deep Italo dance track with 80s drum machines and a haunting melody, like a danceable score for a Video Nasty from 1989. Indie dance stalwarts Luxotic bring a touch of cool twilight to Halcyon Tone’s release roster.

Formed at the University of Leeds in 1986, Luxotic started when 5 graduate students from 5 different European countries met at an International Students Association dinner. Led by Italian keyboard prodigy Ludo and British vocalist Mark V, the band has flown just under the radar of the new wave, synth-pop, and alternative dance charts for almost 30 years. Though never charting a major hit, Sweet Sandra came close upon its release in 1988. It tells the story of a young boy at boarding school (presumably based on Mark V’s schooldays) infatuated with a mysterious girl whose attentions lie in another world.


I don't know if she knows I watch her
But to be honest I'm not sure she'd even care
She is the sweetest girl I've ever dreamed of
Even if she's never totally aware

The other girls can be so judgmental
To them a boy like me's not fit to breathe the air
But Sandy's better 'cause she sees right through them
With her glassy-eyed glue-high vacant stare

Sweet Sandra mouth so red
Long hair upon your head and
I dream of you in bed
But I'm happy just to see you now

Sweet Sandra mouth so red
Long hair upon your head and
I dream of you in bed
But just to see you will do for now

She walked in to the Sunday School room
Cast about for the glue she knew was there
Slipped out through an open window
Sniffed her brain out in a tree in the Chapel Square

Someday I know Sandy you'll kick this habit
But it's important to you so I've got your back
Come to think of it if you got sober
You may not like me so here take this paper bag

Sweet Sandra eyes so red
Fumes overtake your head
For a minute the lights go dead
You've found some peace for now

Sweet Sandra dance say ooh way ooh
I'd do anything for you
Sweet Sandra here's to you and glue
Will you dance with me tonight

Sweet Sandra eyes are red
I think her soul is dead now
Sweet Sandra get out of bed


from Halcyon Tone vol. 1: Reflection, released March 15, 2014
Produced by Joshua S. Lundquist, lyrics written by Christopher W. Nelson, performed by Joshuas S. Lundquist & Christopher W. Nelson.



all rights reserved


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Nostalgic for the roots of modern funk and dance music, while keeping the conventions of any one genre at arm's length.

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